HI-SPEED COMPUTERS, is a registered company that has been in existence over a decade. It is an Information Solutions Providing Company with a vision to empower Nigerian organizations and corporations to achieve international standards in the delivery of their services through information and communication technology (ICT). We believe in providing products and services that defy the ‘Nigerian Factor’ and that can compete favorably with those produced internationally. From our group of well-positioned affiliates and technology partners, and from our team of determined and committed professionals both within and outside Nigeria, we have a formidable retinue of professionals and experts in the various fields of the industry we represent.

The company is a fast growing information technology consultancy outfit with a mandate to develop and install information systems that add value and help to improve the operations of organizations in private and public sectors in Nigeria.

Hi-Speed Computers, as a full-fledged information technology consultancy company, offers services, which spread across a number of IT, concerns. We are committed to designing full systems that automate processes and generally improve the efficiency and quality of service delivery of our clients. We function across many sectors of the information technology industry and try to build systems that will be easy to use and easy to administer. We also strive to empower our clients technologically and expose them to technologies and ideas that will leverage them against their peers and competitors in their specific industry.